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Lena Zaric Jewelry

Lena Zaric is a boutique handcrafted jewelry maker, and humanitarian. We partnered her with Pure Earth to craft our Raising aWEARness campaign, where jewelry sold contributes to ending child and exploitive labor in mining and tells Lena's story as a mother.

All of Lena's jewelry is sustainably made in Los Angeles using only recycled gold and silver and conflict-free gems.

We developed an e-commerce and social media marketing strategy, resulting in the new Raising aWEARness jewelry collection, and two new content creation campaigns centered around Lena and her two daughters.
What we did:
Brand Strategy & Design
UI+UX Design
Social Media & Newsletter Marketing
Lena wanted her brand to stand for something more - something personal. So we created content strategy that spoke to her humanitarian passions and DE&I. We wanted to capture content to tell her story as a mother and show her soft heart.
Lena Zaric's brand is sensually soft, romantically feminine, and also earthy and strong. The Lena Zaric womxn is intelligent, full of self-knowing, and has a heart of gold. Lena Zaric Jewelry is sacred. Each piece is designed to tell a story, make the wearer feel powerful and divine, and is an extension of Lena's heart.

We created a brand book to illustrate the Lena Zaric story, and made look books to circulate to wholesale retailers.