OUR Philosophy
the power of impact lies in how its story is told.
We focus on helping impact projects grow, and growth driven projects maximize their impact.
Design → Brand → Asset Creation

We designed a streamlined visual identity and pitch deck asset for the Dutch startup seeking to revolutionize and democratize artificial intelligence with integrated software and hardware.

We worked directly with their CEO to create a brand identity that's as edgy, sexy, and optimistically up-and-coming as their products.
Quantum Delta NL: Infinity
Design → Brand → Asset Creation Experiential

Infinity is a deep tech hub focused on making the Netherlands the most fertile ground for quantum tech development through collaboration and phase agnostic support.

Quantum Delta NL's Infinity initiative is a revolutionary voyage, setting out to unify and rapidly scale the European quantum startup sector by making the Netherlands the most fertile ground for growth. We are designing a new way to work and connect. We are building the new sustainable tech ecosystem.
Design → Brand Dev Launch

We designed a streamlined visual identity and custom website for Netherlands based quantum computing startup QuantWare, packaging them up nicely for their emergence from stealth in 2021.

QuantWare custom designs and fabricates quantum hardware for research institutions and universities, opening the gates of quantum technology accessibility globally.
Investor House + Soleil: Dinner Experience
Design → Experiential

With our partner PHX, we crafted a day-into-night immersive experience for the City of Rotterdam, and Techleap NL. We started at Upstream Festival, hosting conversations around impact investment, sustainability in tech, and expanding the Dutch entrepreneur ecosystem.

From there, we led guests into a mystical wonderland for a 3-course seated dinner by a 5 star chef, with live entertainment and moments of surprise and delight. We began the night with playful performances, a cacao ceremony, and closed it out with a fire ritual.
La Lune: PHX + TechLeap Dinner Experience
Brand → Design → Experiential

PHX, in collaboration with TechLeap NL, presented a signature dinner experience at Slush 2021 in iconically slushy Helsinki, Finland. We brought a sensual, feminine, and warm experience to the Nordic tech sector, with our candlelit flair and mystique.
Brand → Design → Packaging

Uplixir makes frequency encoded elixirs that can change the quality of one's being. We designed a brand that's clean, uplifting, inspiring, and elevated to represent a product that's innovative and futuristic.
Global Coralition
Brand → Design → Growth

We bring digital solutions for fundraising, design presentations and websites, and leverage assets to tell the Coralition's powerful story.

We have an ongoing campaign to fundraise for Global Coralition to support ongoing restoration work in the Dominican Republic and the deployment of Atabey, the north shore's first sculptural reef and the tallest underwater sculpture in the world.
Design → Brand Dev Launch

We created a playful and approachable brand and custom website for Netherlands based quantum startup QphoX for their 2021 launch. The heart-centered lab and fabrication company is on the forefront of creating the first quantum internet.
Design → Brand Experiential

We centered the PHX digital presence, messaging, and experiential design around impact, and assisted with setting up virtual systems for flawless digital conferences.

We designed and oversaw development of the PHX website and assisted with management of gatherings and virtual conferences and high-impact, serendipity-fueled events.
Lena Zaric Jewelry
Brand → Design → Marketing

Lena Zaric is a boutique handcrafted jewelry maker, and humanitarian. We partnered her with Pure Earth to craft our Raising aWEARness campaign, where jewelry sold contributes to ending child and exploitive labor in mining and tells Lena's story as a mother.

All of Lena's jewelry is sustainably made in Los Angeles using only recycled gold and silver and conflict-free gems.
Extended portfolio available upon request.
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