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Challenging problems need bold solutions.

PHX is an Amsterdam based global solutions hub, joining investors and startup founders in serendipitous, transformational events to bring big ideas, and even bigger solutions, to life.

"We believe the key to changing the world is by fostering genuine connection and providing the opportunity for transformation through cross-pollination. We connect key players across multiple sectors within our vast network to innovate and catalyze powerful new remedies for global problems."
What we did:
Brand Strategy & Design
UI+UX Design
Presentation Design & Content Creation
Experiential Design & Production
PHX is diversity and equality driven, ethos led, and believes in an incorruptible business model for the modern world. PHX is the hub that joins "Builders" with investors and the people that will breathe life into progressive, evolutionary ideas to benefit planet & people.

We engineer PHX for serendipity. 4,000 people, from 568 cities around the world, have attended over 50 gatherings, including investor dinners, conferences and solutions summits, and festivals designed to open minds and shape the future.
PHX is like Prometheus, bringing fire (life) to the projects that drive humanity forward. We wanted their website to stand for both professionalism and revolutionary thinking. Using small pops of warm colors and custom icons, we bring the fire element into the brand story, while maintaining balance with cool colors and water motifs.