Netherlands based startup QphoX is in pursuit of creating a quantum internet.

QphoX aims to develop into a commercial product the quantum modem it created at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). This networks separate processors together, allowing quantum computers to scale beyond tens or hundreds of qubits. Look out for the Singularity folks…

We created a playful, approachable visual identity and custom website for the heart-centered brand, targeting investors and applicants to join their growing team.
What we did:
Brand Strategy & Design
UI+UX Design + Content Creation
Web Development
Growth & Launch Strategy
PR Strategy
Social Media Strategy
QphoX is focused on inclusivity and attracting a diverse audience of applicants to join their team. Even though QphoX is a groundbreaking and expert presence in the quantum technology sector, they want to assure the world they are approachable and heart-centered.

We crafted the brand voice and aesthetic to represent their welcoming ethos. We created content, UX, and branded elements to demonstrate their technology while maintaining a youthful voice.