QuantWare is a Netherlands based quantum computing startup that is democratizing accessibility to quantum technology. In July 2021 QuantWare publicly launched after 2 years in stealth, fabricating prototypes of their products in their facilities in Delft, The Netherlands.

According to QuantWare, "with scalable, affordable, customizable technology, we allow our customers to develop and experiment freely and create value."
What we did:
Creative Direction
Brand Strategy & Design
UI+UX Design + Content Creation
Web Development
Hardware Go-to-market Strategy
Growth & Launch Strategy
Identifying key aesthetics and target markets, we created a masculine, streamlined brand that speaks to the futuristic edge QuantWare brings to the industry. After creating a thorough style guide to accompany the startup through growth, we designed robust UI for an MVP website, which we custom developed on WebFlow for easy end-user access.

QuantWare's main CTA are to boost brand awareness and drive product sales via a direct contact form, to retain the custom feeling behind the brand's key offering.

We created content, diagrams, and product photos to drive the brand personality home visually. The UI is clean, streamlined, and invites users to contact the QuantWare team to inquire further.
Research & Inspiration
As a small company at the time, QuantWare's main CTA was to boost brand awareness and drive product sales via a direct contact form (their product is custom made to order). The science community in general is very skeptical of the possibilities of quantum computing, so we prioritized establishing legitimacy, making sure the brand looked sleek, professional, and trustworthy. One of the founders of QuantWare is a renown physicist, so we just had to make sure everything else looked good.
They wanted a minimalistic, masculine brand with an industrial edge - our answer was dark themed branding with neon accents and futuristic textures to highlight their innovative product line.

We created content, diagrams, and product renders that give them a futuristic edge, as though their state of the art hardware is floating through the vast void of space. We wanted to keep the UI simple, clean, and product forward. The logo is not designed by us, but we recolored it and paired it with a simple word mark that would work nicely across the UI.

The main brand values and attitudes we identified were: confident, charismatic, expert, and revolutionary, so all assets and textures were curated and designed to build out a world that felt exciting yet safe, dark yet optimistic, and innovative and professional.
After some affinity mapping to identify goals, use cases, and solutions, We wireframed a MVP website with a product forward CTA, so users would naturally click to learn about products before seeking to understand anything else about the company.

Each product has its own order form, so making inquiries feels natural. Their secondary CTA was to attract job applicants, so a career section was designed so they could populate and manage listings themselves. Each page has a CTA to learn about career opportunities, as well as a Partner section, which shows that QuantWare is part of a much bigger quantum computing ecosystem, giving a nod towards legitimacy.

From there, we fleshed the wireframes into high fidelity UI, bringing the textures and accents to life, with carefully grouped and padded sections to move the user's eye. Since the site is intentionally designed to have a solid background and uninterrupted scroll, the animations are subtle and font and graphics are consistent. We iterated with the QuantWare team until everything felt right, and then moved into development and QA. Today the site is in pretty good shape, and we hope to continue iterating as QuantWare grows.